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Brentwood School Board Under Investigation by the Suffolk County D.A. for Criminal Conflict of Interest

The following note was sent to me with a reproduction request that we attend. After waiting for the development of events, we could issue an opinion.Editor / Central Islip/ Long Island/New York/2/9/2018 – In the most hypocritical turn of events, the team of Ramos Brentwood School Board trustees are being accused of criminal conflict of interest by numerous district residents.

According to residents, on July 6, 2017 after the installation of 3 Ramos supported candidates, the new regime immediately used its power to approve an architectural contract for a company owned by the husband of newly installed school board trustee Maria Gonzalez-Prescod (pictured center with Julia Burgos on left and Simone Holder-Daniel on right).

If they had ended there, they may have been able to claim ignorance as new board members, however, on August 17, 2017, the Board voted to rescind the contract and then “release” district funds to the for the same purpose. The intention of the Board to pay Maria Gonzalez-Prescod’s husband through the Brentwood Historical Society became clear in a December 13, 2017 letter from Board president Robert Feliciano where he states that “the contract for restoration services should have been between Mr. Prescod’s company and the Brentwood Historical Society.”

All of this has the appearance that the Ramos Regime intended to pay Maria Gonzalez-Prescod by funneling money through the Brentwood Historical Society.

Because the contract and the subsequent release of funds resolution were in violation of general municipal laws 800-805, it constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison.

Maria González,  Board President Robert Feliciano have much to answer to as they campaigned with Assemblyman Phil Ramos, Daniel Calderon, Paula Moore, Julie Burgos and Simone Holder-Daniel against nepotism and corruption and all of the evidence points to the commission of that very thing.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has begun investigating the criminal conflict of interest. District residents are hopeful that the new district attorney, who campaigned on holding public officials accountable, will prosecute the actions of this board to the fullest extent of the law.

Photo credit: Left to right: Julia Burgos, Maria Gonzalez-Prescod and Simone Holder-Daniel. (Photo via Noiticia LI)



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  • cindy Ciferri

    Regarding the article on Brentwood school board you really should of got all your facts together before printing that article all your information is false and maybe you should call the Suffolk county district attorney yourself because I just got off the phone with them and your information is false I will be contacting a lawyer to see what can be done about this situation since I think I know who is behind all these false accusations

  • admin

    Thank you very much for reading. I have in my file a copy of the research request and the copy that was sent to the person specifically named.
    We do not do our work differently. We know what our work is and we respect the origin of the news. We are not judges, nor prosecutors, only journalists who do what we must do. Thank you very much. Editor.

  • Billy Moss

    I have already been interviewed twice by the District Attorney’s office and so have other people. Can’t call that fake news! Perhaps you should tell your son Danny Calderon to tell the truth when he gets called instead of protecting Maria Gonzalez-Prescod. She deserves to be punished for running against nepotism and then allowing the board to VOTE TO GIVE HER HUSBAND AN ILLEGAL CONTRACT on DAY 1!!!

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