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The fall of “el caudillo”

The 3% of registered Democrats that supported Ramos and his wife in this election should be welcomed to join the vast majority of Democrats who rejected Ramos. / Editor/Central Islip/ 9/17/2017  Spanish – For the past 12 years, Phil Ramos, the Assemblyman of the 6th District in the New York State Assembly, has been trying to consolidate himself as the master and builder of supporters; as the expert who knows everything and nothing escapes him; an enabler of unity, the one with the safe box’s code where taxpayers’ monies are kept and only he can disburse; an endorser of the aspiring politician and Brentwood school board members; a kind of mastermind whose orders should move all the pieces. But none of those “traits” helped him or his wife in the last Democratic Primary. Yet those titles he thought were attributes ended up being the root of his failure when he ran his wife, Angela Ramos, against Legislator Monica Martinez.   His debacle began 6 years ago and this is the first tangible sign of his decline which was predicted on these editorial pages and that I reiterate today.

Little by little Ramos tried to construct an image of his wife as a leader, pretending that she led many of his supposed successes as assemblyman. She was credited for organizing a group to empower women -which never incorporated but was utilized to do political proselytism. Ramos actually set up a couple of photo sessions with some of their closest friends and pretended that they mobilized thousands of people. The worse of all: he claimed that she brought busses full of women to Washington when in reality only 4 people went with her in a van.  Few were duped but the Ramos’ believed their own hype. It was no surprise then that Angela Ramos was considered by many who have been paying attention to Ramos’ tricks as a joke with poor taste.  The situation was so bad that Ramos himself had to be her spokesman, her defender, her cheerleader, and her most ineffective weapon against detractors in their adventure.

Unfortunately for Assemblyman Phil Ramos, when he acted as chief political strategist of his wife’s campaign, he exposed himself as the fraud he is.  He used to bill himself as a great political mind that could get anyone with his last name elected in his district. All he needed to do was to add the Ramos last name to a first name and he could get that person elected. He drank his own kool-aid. It’s clear now that Ramos never was involved in doing his own strategy and that there was always someone much brighter than him behind the scenes.

As soon as he started attacking Long Island Al Dia, more people started to see the evidence: Phil Ramos as a person and as an Assemblyman was not worthy of supporting; he goes around lying and deceiving people with pompous announcements, embellishing his work and falsely boasting about accomplishments that he has little to do with. The community of the 6th Assembly District has woken up and is past the point of disappointments. They’re ready to mobilize against him. They now see him for what he is: mirages, false promises and lies.

The result of the September 12 primary is overwhelming and shows that the voters of Brentwood, Central Islip and North Bay Shore are sophisticated and know how to flex their muscle. The people spoke loud and clear and gave Legislator Martinez a resounding victory in the Democratic primary. Her community embraced her, recognized her dedication, sacrifice and real results. Consequently, the district with the largest concentration of Hispanics in Suffolk County bestowed upon her the title of Suffolk’s new political leader based on her work ethics, leadership and as a serious and honest woman, in whom her neighbors truly feel represented.

The communities of Brentwood, Central Islip and North Bay Shore rejected bullying, nepotism and corruption. The results leave no room for doubt. The 3% of registered Democrats that supported Ramos and his wife in this election should be welcomed to join the vast majority of Democrats who rejected Ramos.

Phil, the victim of his own self-aggrandizing mind, skillfully united all the people that he had alienated and I’m not shy to predict that the same group will also be the ones who will lead to the fall of “el caudillo” in the 6th Assembly District next year. His verbal, personal attacks, and lies have left his community disillusioned beyond repair. They simply don’t trust him anymore.

About his wife, Mrs. Angela Ramos, there’s very little to comment. As we said, she was only a tool of Phil’s power greed. Throughout her campaign she kept silent and let her husband say, contradict, and destroy her own image. Is that women empowerment? The only time she showed face was to admit defeat via a Facebook post.  Only then did Phil distance himself from the campaign. His ego does not allow her husband to publicly admit that he and only he was the real cause of that defeat.  

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