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Angela Ramos: Suspicious voter registration, justification of an illegality and perverse agenda

Angela, please avoid the excuses and face the candidacy; it is your name which appears on the ballot. / Editor/ 9/4/2017Spanish – At the end of May, Newsday reported on the sudden change of address of the current challenger in the 9th Legislative District, Angela Ramos, from Bay Shore to Brentwood. In hindsight, we now know this change occurred because the address in which Angela has been residing at for more than 6 years belongs within the 16th Legislative District. In summary, Angela perversely changed her address – has she also changed her residency just a few days before circulating petitions to run against Legislator Monica Martinez?

Several questions arise: Why did Angela not run for another office with so many vacancies in the county and Town of Islip, such as the open seat in her own legislative district? If Angela is so committed to promoting the advancement of women, especially that of minority women, then why is she running against the only Hispanic woman in the legislature? Yet another: How then does she argue that her quixotic campaign is not personal against the current legislator?

In the past, the campaigns of Angela’s husband have criticized candidates like Giovanni Mata for the lack of preparation to aspire to a legislative seat. Obviously, Angela besides of a questioned morality, lacks a strong academic resume, public speaking skills and a professional history to represent the communities of the 9th district. How then does she justify her candidacy given her poor resume and lack of necessary skills? Are those deficiencies the reasons why Angela hides behind her spouse’s last name and a “spokesman” imported from another county?

On the spokesman: This weekend we read a gross excuse about the illegality committed by Angela who sent her son to the Bay Shore schools while she was a resident of the Brentwood school district. Similar to the defense by many other corrupt politicians, the spokesperson – doesn’t he remind us of Sean Spicer by justifying Angela’s illegality by arguing that as a single mother she was forced to send her son to the Bay Shore schools. Is being a single mother a justification to break the law? How many single mothers live in Brentwood and dutifully comply with the law by sending their children to the Brentwood schools? How do the thousands of single mothers residing in Brentwood feel that despite their socioeconomic difficulties – who don’t work as bank branch managers- comply with the law and send their children to the schools where law dictates?

If Angela, as a regular citizen decides to break the law as well as as a candidate tries to justify illegalities and hide behind her husband’s last name, what can we expect as voters of the 9th district from such a person with serious character flaws if she’s ever given some power? If her past actions are an indicator, isn’t it fair to believe that she will break the law? Oh wait! Didn’t she get paid taxpayers’ money as a public employee for work she didn’t do?  On the other hand, her vile defense of using the “single mother card” is an insult to the thousands of single mothers living in Brentwood and Central Islip who do not have the political connections that she enjoys, nor the economic resources and therefore do not even consider breaking the law.

Angela, please avoid the excuses and face the candidacy; it is your name which appears on the ballot. Now more than ever, it is evident that you are a simply a tool of your husband to wage a battle against a woman who has character and that your husband fears.

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  • Dede

    It amazes me and it gives me such a good laugh that this individual wants to say she’s an advocate for women well how can you be an advocate for women when you’ve had an affair with a married man Knowing damn well he was married which caused you to have to have an abortion because how can you have a baby to a man that belongs to someone else the same man that your husband questioned you about and you swore up and down you didn’t have this affair with this man well you did. How can you call yourself an advocate for us you are an embarrassment and a disgrace to women

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