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“Living life in Fraud”

Either Angela thinks that she’s extremely intelligent or that we, the voters, are just too stupid to figure it out – Jesús A. Ríos L- Editor- 8-18-2017 – Spanish – Another electoral cycle, another life full of fraud in showcase! The first question that always arises in these cases of aspiring politicians with glass ceilings is: why are they so willing to be exposed to public ridicule when they know all too well the fraudulent life they carry? Apparently the thirst for power and the hunger to be someone makes them act recklessly to the point of believing that voters would forgive them or in the worst case, they will sympathize with their reasons or even condone their frauds. No folks!

Let us begin by stating the obvious: Public service must be precisely for that to serve and not to serve oneself. Ideally, people who seek a legislative seat or aspire to be a representative of the people should have unblemished record; a resume capable of inspiring future generations and to serve as an example.

A few hours ago we learned through a video posted on a Facebook page that the son of Angela Ramos graduated from the Bay Shore School District, however Angela’s home is located in the Brentwood School District. Many questions come to mind: How did she register her child in the Bay Shore school district? How did she fulfill the Bay Shore residency requirements? There is a remote possibility that Angela paid tuition to send her child to the Bay Shore School District but what are the chances? If that’s the case, we urge Angela to make public any checks or receipts showing that she paid the Bay Shore School District.

Otherwise this is another instance of fraud in the life of Angela’s as pointed out by Newsday and community leaders: the sudden “resignation” from the county allegedly due to several instances in which she charged time that she did not work; the use of hyperbolic language to describe her experience in banks as well as the “embellishment” of her criminal justice credentials calling herself on a Facebook post a criminal justice expert after having served as an administrative assistant at a law enforcement agency.

But it doesn’t end there. We recently also received the first campaign pamphlet from challenger Angela in our homes. In the mail, she flaunts a long list of legislative “accomplishments” that have either become law or have been approved by the State Assembly where her husband represents the 6th district. Deception! The pamphlet leads voters to believe that she has either been taking votes or leading statewide campaigns as an elected official to get the legislative initiatives approved. More lies, more hyperbole from Angela.

Dear voters of the 9th district: Let’s not allow this type of impostors to “succeed” any longer. Either Angela thinks that she’s extremely intelligent or that we, the voters, are just too stupid to figure it out. Life has let her “advance” to this point with fraud but it is time that as citizens committed to honesty and rectitude to stop this con artist in her tracks. It’s time for us to send her a clear and loud message: Our community will not be represented by people like her who make a way of living life in fraud.


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