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Angela’s campaign: “A lot of noise and Half-truths”

Very few voters take the time to dig the truth. Those who do should help the rest of us to remain vigilant to prevent manipulation with lies. / Jesús A. Ríos L/ Editor/ Central Islip NY/7/27/2017 – Spanish- In the past few days, we have seen and heard a myriad of information – or misinformation- coming from Mrs. Angela Ramos’ campaign in an effort to give the perception that she’s “for real”.

On the website of one of Long Island’s Hispanic weeklies, we read an article by a deceived reporter who was evidently provided “fake news”. Unfortunately, the reporter and the editor didn’t corroborate the information they received and simply transcribed whatever Angela Ramos’ campaign gave them. The manager of the campaign – her husband who by the way is still getting paid by taxpayers – is known for twisting facts or stating half-truths.

The figures contained in the article have notorious inconsistencies.

First, it is mentioned as a great “source of pride” that the spouse-candidate submitted around 3,000 signatures when only 500 are required to qualify. However, it is obviated that the signatures were collected by a New York City company which hired New York City campaign workers and most importantly those workers were paid $12 per hour by Angela Ramos.  It’s truly hypocritical for Ramos to claim to be a fighter for working families and pay New York City workers instead of Brentwood and Central Islip residents $15 per hour as her spouse mandated local businesses to do.

It seems that when the money comes out of their own pockets or her campaign, a different set of rules apply. Ramos’ “Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” attitude merits to be exposed. She’s just a candidate and she’s already putting the interests of other areas of the state ahead of Brentwood and Central Islip’s or even Suffolk’s residents. Clearly, Angela Ramos doesn’t have our district’s interests at heart!

Regarding the “$100,000” her husband claimed to Newsday that they raised, guess what? Completely false! He went on the record saying that they raised that amount, I guess, to impress “someone” yet when one reviews her filing carefully, it’s all a lie.


Contributors to her campaign account don’t live in Brentwood, Central Islip nor North Bay Shore. The real number they raised hardly reaches $21,000. The “fundraising” is complemented by loans from Angela herself totaling $60,000; a contribution by her husband’s campaign account of $1,000; and one by her son of $500.

All that money is gone. It was paid to collect the signatures; it was sent to New York City. Ramos’ report shows she spent $49,748 in June on New York City’s The Advance Group.

On the other hand, Legislator Monica Martínez raised $35,107 in the last six months, in addition to the $ 16,937 she already had. Martinez used party volunteers to help her collect her signatures. The law only requires 500 and her volunteers collected double the amount anticipating the well-known games played by Angela’s husband.

At the end, Legislator Martinez ended up with $ 43,719 cash on hand, compared to $30,853 that Angela Ramos claims. But let’s remember she’s loaned herself $60,000 which in real dollars she has a negative balance of over $30,000.

The data shown here is official and can be accessed online. It is time to tell the truth. No more lies to news media; no more mirages to voters by boasting about a financial solvency Angela does not have. In the end, Ramos’ campaign has resorted to an old tactic – “smokes and mirrors” – to be portrayed as a viable candidate. 

Very few voters take the time to dig the truth. Those who do should help the rest of us to remain vigilant to prevent manipulation with lies.

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